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What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting?

When it comes to host your website on server, the most common question is if I have WordPress Website then should I use only WordPress Hosting or Web Hosting is also ok. What is the difference between WordPress Hosting & Web Hosting?

This is the scenario these days and this confusion has no clear solution. But I have got it for you. I am writing this article for better explanation of Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting and what you should select according to your website & hosting requirements.

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So you want to launch a website but confused with the selection of hosting?

So there are 2 situations :-
1. Your website is in WordPress.
2. Its not WordPress

If The Website Is Not WordPress

If it’s not WordPress then there is no reason to select WordPress Hosting. But if you have bought it as your initial plans were for WordPress website and now you realize that  you want a static website. Then there is no need to buy another hosting. You can continue using this one only. Once you complete the term you paid for you can switch to web hosting & transfer your files there.

If The Website Is WordPress

Now the second case is you want to create a WordPress site, definitely the first thing in your mind will be to go for WordPress Hosting. Yes! You should go for WordPress Hosting but should also check your requirements.

To get this better let’s start with the difference between Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting. The main thing is there is very less difference. The difference is between the packages, space, addons, but performance wise there is not much difference. All the things that are highlighted in WordPress hosting are also available in Web Hosting.

In WordPress Hosting the environment is already set especially for WordPress Sites but in Web Hosting, we have to set it manually.

So, Here Are The Points For Better Clarifiation

I am sharing some points below to provide a clear view of difference between Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting. This will help you take a clear decision on what hosting you should go for.

Both The Hostings Are Suitable

Firstly, We can host WordPress site on both, WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting. Believe me WordPress runs perfect on Web Hosting just like it works with WordPress Hosting. On Web Hosting too you can install WordPress with a click just like you do in WordPress hosting. So its not so that only WordPress hosting will support WordPress site.

WordPress Hosts Claim Better Performance For WordPress Sites

The second thing is performance. Then let me tell you that both the hosting providers actually use shared hosting. It means on a single server, there are multiple websites hosted. On web hosting almost every type of website will be hosted but on WordPress, people prefer to host WordPress Website. So, the space, the bandwidth will be used by all the websites on the server and this will affect the performance of your Website, no matter if its hosted on WordPress Hosting or Web Hosting.

But WordPress Hosts claim to provide better performance as they keep on updating their servers especially according to WordPress needs from time to time. So, user does not need to bother about updating and managing servers for better performance. This all is done by the host automatically.

WordPress Hosts Claim Better SEO

Third thing WordPress Host claims a better SEO. SEO is a skill and you need to hire an expert for this. When host talks about SEO, its simply means good server response, fast load time, CDN, etc. and these are the symbols of good hosting. No matter WordPress or Web Hosting. These features are also available in good Web Hosting too.

Best WordPress Hosting

Automatic Backups For WordPress

Then there is automatic backups highlighted in WordPress Hosting. Again this can be done in Web Hosting too. We can do it using plugins or from cPanel settings.

Business Email Not Available With WordPress Hosting

So, almost it’s the same and no much difference. However the difference that I have noticed is Business Emails or Web Mails. And this is the point that will give you a clear view of your choice. I own a domain divyanshijuneja.com & I want an email address like contact@divyanshijuneja.com. There are number of ways to get it. I can signup for Google Business Email, I can buy from outlook or there is one simple option that I can have it from cPanel. So, if I am willing to pay for this business email or I want gSuite only then I need to pay an extra amount to these providers. But if I don’t want to spend money and think that even simple interface will work then I can have this business email from my cPanel without paying even an extra penny. Yes, I can create business email accounts inside cPanel.

Now this option is available with Web Hosting and WordPress hosting does not include this option. If you choose WordPress hosting, then either you will have no business email or you can buy it from some professional business email providers. But if you don’t want to spend extra money on this business email, then you can go for Web hosting and can have your business email up for free.

So this is the main thing I ask my client before buying hosting when his website is on WordPress. If his preference is gSuite or outlook or any other business email provider, then I prefer WordPress Hosting from Bluehost but if he do not want to spend extra for business email addresses, I prefer shared hosting from Bluehost.

Why Bluehost?

Bluehost have both Shared Hosting & WordPress Hosting Available. You can buy  any with a free domain on your first purchase. It has been awarded for its best WordPress Hosting services.

Bluehost gives a crazy discount in your first purchase and believe me the performance wise its beating other hosting providers. Click the Banner Below To Check Rates From Bluehost.

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