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“WooCommerce websites are online stores created with WordPress & WooCommerce plugin. In this course you will learn to develop websites to sell products online with the most popular CMS i.e. WordPress. Learn to add tax, manage products, automatic invoicing and lots more. I also have a FREE GIFT for you.
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About WooCommerce Development Course

WooCommerce Development Course is designed by me (Divyanshi Juneja) to help students step into e-commerce development  & create stunning selling websites & online stores with WordPress & start their earnings easily.

The time has gone when coding was the only way to become a website developer. Now its just simplified and the best part is, the companies & clients are asking for it. Don’t believe me? Just check job portals and you will know the value of WordPress.

Course Overview

Class Mode : Zoom Meet
Course Duration : 15 Days
Class : 1Hr/Class
Language : English
Student Eligibility : Basic WordPress
Stream : Any stream

Opportunities With WordPress and WooCommerce

BECOME JOB READY – WordPress is the most used CMS in the World & hence jobs are countless. Try to search in any job portal & calculate the number yourself.
FREELANCING – The best way to earn as a full time job by being your boss yourself. Clients are really looking for freelancers like you just go live and get them.
BLOGGING – This is the best way for you to earn if you are a housewife or anyone who loves to spend time with family. A blogger can earn unlimited amount in a month.

WEB DESIGN AGENCY – What’s the best thing when you can be an entrepreneur. Start your own agency just by learning WordPress as it’s in demand and you can easily  get clients for WordPress.

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What Will You Learn?

In this course you will learn to design online store with WordPress using WooCommerce. You’ll be able to generate automatic invoices with added tax value. Add as many as products with offers, coupons & discounts and a smooth user checkout.

1. Designing Online Store

Design online store with custom checkout & online payment. This includes everything from adding products on website to the customer’s basket.

2. Managing Orders

How to manage orders & send notifications when a customer places an order. What order should be kept under what status and how to work with invoices.

3. Customer Flow

Learn to create user flow from customer account creation to  checkout. Learn to make this as smooth as possible to provide a better experience to the customer.

Why Sell With WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most flexible and preferred platform to design e-commerce websites. Here are few points to justify it –

Quick Store Setup – WooCommerce comes with pre-designed pages and easy  interface to setup online store including tax, products, shipping, offers, checkout, etc.

Easy Order Management – It has a special role of store manager. All orders and their processing can be easily managed from backend.

Multiple Payment Options – Unlike other online platforms it supports multiple payment gateways and has really quick installation process using APIs.

It's The Most Fexible Options For Online Stores.
This can be proved with facts given below -

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Learn to design an online store with WordPress (WooCommerce Plugin) in 15 days.

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